George Street Association Edinburgh

THE GEORGE STREET ASSOCIATION was established in 1952 to promote, protect and maintain the amenities of George Street and welfare of firms owning or occupying premises in George Street and interconnecting streets. Today, almost 60 years later, George Street has a vastly different business mix, the GEORGE STREET ASSOCIATION continues to protect the interests of the area. The Association co-ordinates with many City Centre bodies including: The Cockburn Association; Edinburgh World Heritage, and other street and district associations, to lobby City of Edinburgh council on matters of concern to the area.  The association has a council of members with a presence on City Centre Retail Forum, and on the board of Essential Edinburgh Bid Company. We maintain close links with all parties to ensure the Street’s interests receive their due care and attention, including closely monitoring the installation of the Tram system.

The Council meets regularly, members are welcome and encouraged to attend, an  AGM is held annually usually in May with notable City personalities invited to address the meeting.


  • To act as a conduit for disseminating and providing information to our members To engage with local authorities, as a single body, representing the views of our members on topical debat. To support our local police in crime prevention and safety initiatives. To encourage a sense of street community by helping to arrange communal events.

We are an active association consisting of approximately 70 members, and are happy to welcome new ones.  For information on joining GEORGE STREET ASSOCIATION contact

Our office bearers and committee members are a highly respected cross-section of business people living and working in the area.

Office Bearers
Dr William Duncan, Chairman. Ross Haston, Hamilton & Inches Vice Chair, Treasurer. Patrice McHenry, Secretary

Council Members
Shona Clelland,  Paul McKerrow, Assembly Room
Graeme Herbert, Royal Society of Edinburgh
Dawn Oliff, Grand Lodge Scotland

Wendy Henderson, Tony Bryer, St Andrew's & St George's Church

Jamie Pemberton, ESPC

If you would like more information please contact :